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School Cantal Air Libre: Puy Mary - Super Lioran
Improvement course

several formula

School philosophy : We are not here to record the flights! The goal is to make you take off the site most suitable to your level and weather conditions to get the best results. Our course can be roaming on Cantal or even in Auvergne if necessary.

Course duration is free. According to your ability, your desires and needs, it can go from one day to 5 days course, usually monday to friday or a weekend course or any other form. Practice sites : Mandailles, Puy Mary, Super Lioran, Plomb du Cantal, Vic sur Cère near Aurillac, etc.

Who ?
You have already flown in paragliders, you want to progress and you are not yet autonomus.
Academic, sol work and solo flights.
Accelerated formula with dual ?
With two-seater you can fly in more severe conditions than your level permit you.
It obviously saves time in your improvement!
If you want to quickly reach autonomy, this formula is for you.
Diaporama stage perfectionnement



Duration of the course 5 days of 1 to 4 days Package 10 days of your choise
Individual course 850 € 180 € / day 1400 €
Group lesson
2 students / instrutor
600 € / student 130 € / day / student 1000 € / student
single seater formula without pedagogical 500 € / student 110 € / day / student 850 € / student

(-10% if you have your complete personal equipement)


Small board :
Days should be long ! Sleep well, don't skimp your breakfast and plan to get warm clothes and drink.
Upon request we can provide the snack for lunch.
To learn all about Cantal, about wind, about meteorology.

Puy Mary