Ressources to fly in the Cantal

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This material may not be in the school premises, but may be ordered "soon"

For a first purchase or for any équipment, School offers a choice of products and accessories among the reference marks; this equipment can be tried at Puy de Dôme, in Massif of Sancy, in Cantal and sites of Lot and Corrèze.

  • Wings: AXIS reseller
Revendeur AXIS
Revendeur KORTEL
  • Harnesses: Sup'Air, Ava Sport
  • Reserve parachute: Sup'Air
  • Helmet: Lazer
  • Radios: Icom, Kenwood
  • Variometer: Flytec, Solario

Purchase of such equipment should not be taken lightly, the school has chosen to sell locally by offering the possibility of trying and professional advice.


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